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Connecting you to the real world 

Learning Economics is both challenging and rewarding. But much of the time, there are too much resources and information on the Internet. Our purpose is to provide Economics students or even graduates a platform to continually apply their learning to the real world. 

Connecting you to a solution

Also many a times students need assistance to clarify for just a topic or a small segment of their learning but does not want to commit to tuition at specific timing and location. Now with the use of online meeting platform , students can also get a more ready assistance. 

The beginnings 

Our content Editor Clare Kon [aka Ms Clare]  started this service since 1998 for her A’ Level Economics students. She was a forerunner in this field back then. She was invited to share her experience to Economics teachers in training in the National Institute of Education, Singapore. 

As she progressed to teach Economics in undergraduate level, she was encouraged to see her students who wish to continue to apply their Economics learning so she set up the  Econs-Sense facebook page sharing latest newspaper articles and generate discussion points. 

She is an adjunct Lecturer for various Economics modules under RMIT, UOL-EMFSS, UOL, SUSS programs . She is also providing coaching for A’Level, IB Economics students. 

The next lap 

Many of her students expressed their joy of learning economics. But more than often, they could not progressed smoothly as they could not decipher one concept or theory or a chapter. Or they would like to make connections between the topics so they can progress to the application of the topic or concepts. One will thus need one time online assistance to provide live demonstrations of graphical analysis or mind mappings. 

As such Ms Clare provides online coaching since 2015. Her students were from USA, France and India using Skype. But it was fairly cumbersome having to position the camera to the drawing board or paper to capture the live demonstrations. 

Now with the meeting platforms like Zoom, Ms Teams, such online coaching service is more readily available with the use of functions like Share screen, whiteboard. And not forgetting,  the session recording  feature  or you to re-watch the demonstration. And the final bit, it is not a long term commitment. But rather a pay per use service

So drop us a message to check what we can offer you . 

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