Econs Sense Economics Brews 

Our Econs Sense team careful selects relevant latest news articles from a wide range of News Source for learning. These brews comes with short summary of the relevant topics.

These postings can be found on our website and on our Facebook page

Daily Brew : Morning and Afternoon brew of latest economics or business news everyday

Quick Brew of the Day : Photo clips with life quotes

Selected Good Brews are posted on our website. They will include a more detailed analysis of the information with graphical analysis .

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Coaching Session by Ms Clare . Read more about her here 

Individual Session

A one to one coaching for those who need to learn at your own paced.

Our tutor Ms Clare is known to be patient and able to pitch lessons to suit the learner.

Individual sessions are usually conducted in two hours session at our Econs Sense Centre.

The rate for individual session ranges from $75 to $100 depending on the module.

Students may select the stated session (click here) or request for a preferred session.

Group Sessions

A small group of 2 to 5 students for those who wish to learn with your friends. Each session is two hours and the class will be conducted as long as two and more students turn up for the class.

The rate ranges between $50 to $80  depending on the module.

11781686_10153387958015791_7191685069511226950_nOnline Consultation via SKYPE

  • Students located overseas , or those who may not need a series of tuition sessions, can consider getting help via online consultations to clarify concepts, to discuss project or essay.
  • At your convenience with total privacy
  • Each session , conducted at Singapore timing (GMT +8)
  • Rates: S$40 per hour and maximum 2 hours per session
  • Prior booking is required. Email your requests to  [Econs-Sense reserves the right to reject any request which deem inappropriate]

11228508_10153387959225791_3355567152267195984_nGRADE ME

Students preparing for final examinations may find themselves only reading standard answers and some may attempt to write out in their own words but not certain if the answers are deem good enough.

  • Submit your work to us and get a grade with comments within 3 days
  • Grade report includes comments on  performance and area(s) for improvement
  • Sign up for bundle package to enjoy a free skype consultation / review session
  • Rates:
    • S$15 per A’ Level Econs essay  or S$50 for 4 essays + 30min free one-to-one Skype session ( a whopping savings of $30, i.e. 37.5%! )
    • S$25 per UOL Macroeconomics exam paper (Section A or  B ) or S$40 for one full paper ;

or S$100 for 2 papers + one hour one-to-one Skype session ( a 20% savings!)



Video Demonstrations

Graphical analysis of  selected daily brew (i.e. news articles)

Graphical analysis of key economic concepts

Graphical analysis of selected past year exam questions for

  • A level Economics
  • UOL Introduction to Economics
  • UOL Macroeconomics
  • RMIT Macroeconomics II
  • RMIT Price Theory
  • RMIT International Trade
  • RMIT International Monetary Economics


Disclaimer : The above information and published rates is for general information only and are subjected to changes without notice.  While we make every effort to provide you with the most up-to-date information , Econs-Sense is not obliged to remove any outdated information from its website or to expressly mark it as being outdated.

11933465_509660009199488_541918495628279730_nWe conduct workshops to help students prepare for their Economics Examinations.

These workshops are conducted over 2-4 sessions ,each session last about 2 hours. Handouts and light refreshment are provided.

These sessions are conducted at our Econs-Sense centre or at a bigger venue located in Orchard road area

Check out our upcoming workshop for A Level H1/H2 Economics