The postings on our webpage and our Facebook is primarily presented by Clare Kon, known as Ms Clare.

She associates her daily posting as brewing a cup of coffee with rich aroma that awaken the senses.

She describes herself as a tiny person (standing at 5 feet) but with a big heart – to LIVE, LOVE & LEARN 




Clare graduated with a Masters Degree in Applied Economics from the National University of Singapore and is a trained Economics teacher under the Ministry of Education, Singapore.


Her teaching career started in 1997 teaching A level Economics then she moved on to teach Economics in the local polytechnic and now an Associate Lecturer for University programs (RMIT, UOL, Unisim).

She teaches Macroeconomics, Price Theory ( or known as Introduction to Economics , microeconomics in Uol program) , International Trade, International Monetary Economics and the Singapore Economy.

She also provides Economics coaching to Cambridge GCE A’ level and IB students and Skype consultations for overseas university students. 

Clare is recognized for her unique style of teaching , incorporating current news and videos into her lessons and the use of online learning platforms.
Often known as Ms Clare , She receives high rating for her teaching effectiveness by her students for the past 20 years.

In her teaching career, she produced a large pool of students who excel in Cambridge GCE A Level Economics and even pursue a Economics degree.

In the institution she currently lectures, she produced a large pool  First Class Honors degree UOL graduates and a record number of students scoring high distinctions for the RMIT modules.

As one of the pioneers in Singapore to develop her own Economics website in the 1990s for teaching and learning , she was invited to share her teaching practice with teacher – trainees and won awards for teaching effectiveness. She continues to mentor young teachers and new graduates on a personal basis.


She believes life is a journey. A journey of learning about yourself , about the world. She scans through main key News sources and select the appropriate articles for reading and learning on the Econs-Sense Facebook page


A pure chalk and talk lecture in University of Cambridge

Clare demonstrated learning goes beyond learning for examinations or for career.

Clare was interested in Climate Science and Russia History and  she took the International Summer School Course in University of Cambridge, UK in 2014. She earned a grade A for her essay in a new field of studies  and also earn good commentaries from her professor.

In her two months in UK as a student (a considerably old student who left school for more than a decade) , Clare learned and experience what is an effective lecture (Which can be purely chalk and talk as seen in the photo) and experienced the challenges students faced (deadlines, distractions) . This enriching experience further spur her to reach out to her students both within and outside classroom learning.


10436675_10152699118675791_7249029607159656134_nClare loves nature and loves to capture the beauty with her novice photography skills.

And with a love of motivating life quotes, she puts them together as the Quick brew of the day in Econs-Sense every weekday.

On her off days, she spends time with her dogs and cook/bake for her loved ones.

She is a supporter and advocator of animal adoption in Singapore.