is set up by a group of current and ex-educators who believe in lifelong and continuous learning of Economics. We believe Economics is at work at every moment in our lives: From home to office and at play. Yet, many were dismayed by the confusing complicated mathematical models, technical jargons and thus leaving the study of Economics to end right after passing exams.

As such, we hope Econs-Sense will be a platform to enrich your journey of learning Economics for both current and ex students and working adults. As our name suggests, Economics do make sense but perhaps you need to use the right tools to apply it.

Econs-Sense provides daily news link brews on our Facebook Page , video demonstrations and/or face to face interactions. Read more on Our Services

Econs-Sense may be a new kid on the block but it is not so. Our main Barista, Ms Clare Kon was one of the first few Economics teachers in Singapore who set up her own website in the 1990s for the teaching and learning of Economics. Read more about her here