We have lined up a series of small group workshops for those taking A Level H1/H2 Economics.

Unlike weekly tuition / coaching sessions (cost >$500 per month) , these workshops are usually conducted over 2-4 sessions, each session of maximum 2 hours.

They are carefully designed to provide a focused revision for the selected topics. We aim not to just train our participants to be adequately prepared for their examinations but also to be more confident individuals and also to enjoy the learning of Economics beyond the scope of examination syllabus .




A quick overview of the programmes

Microeconomics No of sessions Rates /pax Macroeconomics No of sessions Rates /pax
  Case Study 1 Microeconomics 1 $20.00   Case Study II Macroeconomics 1 $25.00
  Market structure 3 $125.00   Economic  goals, and policies 2 $100.00
  Market failure 3 $125.00   Open Economy  3 $125.00


Economic issues and development  @  $60.00/pax
This session is also suitable for those preparing to take Economics at undergraduate level 


Check under the details tab below for a more detailed write up on each workshop, the dates and the rates

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Workshop dates and details



Case study workshop : MICROECONOMICS

  • 20 August 2017 (Sunday) 7-9pm  POSTPONED till further notice 
    • Data interpretation, question interpretation, time management
    • For both JC 1 and JC2 students
    • Fee: SGD 20 per pax [including course materials and light refreshment]


Workshop on key economic issues and developments

  • 27 August 2017 (Sunday) 7-9pm
    • An overview of key historical  economic crisis
    • An  overview of key development of major economies : China, Japan, USA
    • An overview of key issues [ Deflation, negative interest rates, oil prices trends etc]
    • Suitable for JC2 students
    • Fee: SGD60 per pax [including course materials and light refreshment]


Essay workshop for MICROECONOMICS

  • 03 September (Sunday) 7-9 pm
  • 04 September (Monday) 10-12pm &
  • 17 September (Sunday) 7,9pm
    • -Market Structure : Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
    • An overview, including the graphical analysis  of behaviour of firms, their merits and harms and role of government
    • For both JC 1 and JC 2 students
    • Hands on session
      Individual essay will be graded with feedback and email to student
    • Fee: SGD 125  per pax for sessions  [including course materials and light refreshment]


Case study workshop : MACROECONOMICS

  • 04 September 2017 (Monday) 2-4pm
    • Data interpretation, question interpretation, time management
    • For both JC 1 and JC2 students
    • Fee: SGD 25 per pax [including course materials and light refreshment]


Essay workshop for MACROECONOMICS

  • 08 September 2017 (Friday ), 7- 9pm &
  • 10 September (Sunday) , 7 – 10pm,
    • An overview of the key economic goals of an economy
    • An overview of key macroeconomic policies
    • Essay Discussions
    • Hands on session
    • Individual essay will be graded with feedback and email to student
    • Fee: SGD100 per pax for sessions MA -1A and 1B  [including course materials and light refreshment]

Essay workshops for Microeconomics – Market failure

Essay workshops for Macroeconomics – Open Economy



Are there other topics you will like us to cover?

Drop us an Email to let us know. We can customise a revision workshop for small group of minimum 4 pax.

The Tutor

All sessions are conducted by Ms Clare. She is an MOE trained Economics teacher who has taught Economics for 20 years at A’Level, , Diploma and undergraduate level. Find out more about her here


The Venue

All sessions will be conducted at Blk 261 Waterloo Centre, #04-03 . Participants will see our banner with our Econs-Sense logo clearly displayed outside the seminar rooms

The venue  is easily accessed by public transport (Check on getting there)  via Bras Basah MRT Station or Bugis MRT Station

Light refreshment of snacks and drinks are provided throughout the session. We regret that all outside hot food and beverage are to not allowed in our seminar rooms

2017 A Level H1/H2 Economics Workshops 

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2017 Workshops for A Level Students 

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Q: How do i know if my registration is successful ?

A: You will receive an email notification with a confirmation number once you have successfully register for the session(s). If you did not hear from us within the next 24 hours, do drop us an email at ask@econs-sense.com


Q: How do i know I secure a seat if I am placed in the waiting list ?

A: Our team will contact you personally on the stated mobile number about the status of your registration


Q: Can I sign up for the class on the actual day?

A: We strongly discourage such practise as these workshop ar conducted in small groups to ensure effective learning. We also need time to plan for the logistics and materials so we may reject any walk-ins on actual day of workshop(s)



Q: If i cannot attend the session, is the registration transferrable ?

A: Registration is transferable ONLY for single session workshop.


Q: Will I  still be admitted if I am late?

A: Yes. However wee will appreciate if this will bring minimum disruption to the class


Q: Do i need to inform you about my absence ?

A: No. Do note the cancellation and refund policy as stated below


Q: I am not able to attend one of the sessions for the 3 days workshop. Can i pay for only the  two sessions I be attending ?

A: We regret we cannot accommodate such requests.


Fees and payment 

Q: Can i get a refund if i cannot attend the session(s)?

A: Refund request will only be entertained at least 4 days before the start of the session. An administrative fee of $15  is imposed . Late refund request will be considered under case-by case basis. All refund requests will be processed within 7 days of the session and funds released with a month from the workshop(s)

Q: Do you accept cash payment on the actual day of the workshop? 

A: We will prefer early payment to secure your registration seat. However, should you wish to pay cash payment, do indicate in the registration form options.


Postponement and/or Cancelation

Q: How will I be notified about any changes to the registered workshops 

A: You will receive an sms notification at least 3 hours before the start of the session to notify you about any changes.


Q: Will i get a refund for the cancelled and/or postponed sessions 

A: You will get a 100% refund for any cancelled sessions or when you are not able to attend the rescheduled session


Audio/Video Recording , Reproduction of workshop materials

Q: Can I video or audio record the sessions?

A: Video and audio recording is strictly not allowed.

Q: Can i duplicate your workshop materials?

A: All materials are strictly the property of Econs-Sense (c/o Wizlink Consulting Pte Ltd) . Should you misplace your materials, we will be most glad to provide you a replacement copy